Samstag, 24. März 2012

Thanks to all who joined for a taste of The Americas!

As our first brunch of 2012, EasySundays invited you to tantilise your tastebuds with delicious treats from the Americas from North to South. For this special brunch, we will re-supported our friends at the Escuela Democratica de Huamachuco in Peru.

From Canadian maple syrup and pancakes to American cupcakes and cookies, sweet Caribbean plantains, Latin American tacos, Brazilian pao de queijos and Peruvian ceviche… there was something cooking for all foodie enthusiasts on March 4th!

Many thanks to the 60 people who joined us in support of a school that has become very important to us all over the last three years. Information to follow on the school’s progress and where WestSideSunday’s support is going.

About the cause: La Escuela Democratica de Huamachuco.

The Escuela Democratica de Huamachucho is Peru’s first democratic school (what is a democratic school?). EasySundays has supported the school since 2009 to help with the building of the school itself. Huamachucho is located in a very remote area and in one of the poorest regions of the country. It has been a pleasure to follow the school’s progress over the last three years, watching as walls and doors go up, more and more children gain access to this unique approach to learning and how the community has come together for their children. For this reason, we are very proud to support the Escuela Democratica for our first EasySundays brunch of 2012. Learn more about the school’s programme (in Spanish).

One thought on ““WestSideSunday”
Thanks to all who joined for a taste of The Americas!

Eine wunderschöne Schule

So sind die Räume geworden nach guter Zusammenarbeit mit den Eltern, den Kindern , den Freiwilligen und dem Team der EDHU.

Nach getaner Arbeit genießen wir eine Pause, Essen und unsere Oase....